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Attorney Moch gave my case the diligent energy and unwavering devotion to fight for what was right for me. She was trustworthy and ethical in a setting where these qualities can be hard to find. Susan provided the organization and control I needed in a pretty chaotic situation. She is tough, experienced, and clearly knows how to get the best for her clients. After experiencing the work of other lawyers, I can honestly say I am deeply thankful that Susan Moch was on my side. I don’t know where I would be now without her defense, wisdom and guidance.–Patricia C., Redding

Susan Moch was extremely knowledgeable, supportive, and professional. I engaged her services when my prior attorney proved to be inattentive, and Susan's superior skill and perseverance brought me an outcome that I simply would not have otherwise achieved. Her warm personality – combined with her strength of her advocacy for me – made her the perfect ally. I will continue to recommend Susan to my friends and colleagues without hesitation.–Barbara F., Weston

I have known Susan Moch both professionally and personally for nearly nine years. In both realms, I am pleased to report how impressed I am with her. I highly recommend her and can attest to her skills as an attorney and her character as a human being. Eight years ago, I had the unfortunate need for a divorce and I hired Susan on the recommendation of a good friend. Susan was professional, competent, and had an uncanny ability for winning (we proceeded to win 9 of 10 battles in the courtroom). In addition, she was able to quietly and steadfastly make an incredibly unnerving situation seem bearable. –Henry C., Greenwich