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My Firm Is Experienced In Modifying And Enforcing Court Orders

Despite the best efforts of courts and attorneys, parties sometimes need to return to court after a divorce to either modify or try to enforce court orders. An alimony or child support order may be modifiable when there is a substantial change in one party’s financial circumstances. The reasons for a modification may include such factors as job loss or illness.

At the Law Office of Susan A. Moch, I have over 45 years assisting clients in family law cases, and I can help you if you need to seek a post-decree modification.

Custody And Support Orders Can Be Modified As Your Situation Changes

Custody or visitation orders may need to be changed as children grow older and the circumstances of each parent change. For example, a better job opportunity arises some distance away that will require a change in access to the children or moving with them to another town or state.

In some circumstances, you may need a strong advocate to seek enforcement of a support order against a nonpaying spouse or to enforce visitation orders. Post-divorce proceedings can be even more contentious than the original divorce, as spouses become more firmly entrenched in their positions and less willing to compromise. This requires the strong advocacy that, as an attorney, I give to my clients.

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