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During a divorce, you may find yourself facing dire financial straits. This is particularly true if you left your career to tend to your home or to take care of your children. You have the right to seek financial aid in the form of alimony.

At the Law Office of Susan A. Moch, I can assist you. As a family law attorney with more than 35 years of experience in Fairfield County, I have secured alimony for hundreds of clients. With me in your corner, I can help you get the financial support that you deserve.

How Does Alimony Work In Connecticut?

Alimony, or spousal support, is money paid by one spouse to the other for living and other expenses. Alimony can be paid both during a divorce action and upon a divorce becoming final. It can be limited to a term of years or payable for a lifetime, depending on the particular circumstances of each case.

There are no firm statutory guidelines for alimony in Connecticut. However, the court must consider certain factors when determining the amount and duration of alimony, including:

Alimony is tax-deductible by the spouse who pays it and taxable as income to the spouse who receives it. In assessing what is appropriate alimony in your particular case, it is important for your attorney to help you estimate the after-tax consequences of an alimony order so that you know approximately how much money you are actually paying out or keeping. You should also check with your tax advisor, accountant or another tax professional who is certified to give tax advice.

Stand Up For Your Right To Alimony

At the Law Office of Susan A. Moch, I can help you assert your right to receive financial support during and after your divorce. Contact me in Westport to schedule an initial consultation. To reach me, send an email or call 203-424-0950.