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You Deserve A Full And Fair Disclosure Of Assets

In every divorce, both parties must provide full and fair disclosure of their assets and income. But getting that information may not be as easy as it sounds, especially when dealing with a party who has something to conceal. While some couples are fully aware of each other’s income and assets, there are families where one party controls all of the finances and the other is kept in the dark.

Having served Fairfield County for more than 45 years, I understand the importance of uncovering assets to achieve your divorce settlement. A full, fair assessment of finances is critical for a fair outcome.

Why Hire An Attorney?

There are a lot of ways to disguise income and hide assets, including not disclosing bank accounts, transferring money or assets to third parties, or manipulating a small or family business so that it appears not to be profitable. These circumstances require an attorney experienced in reviewing financial and other documents with an eye to finding flaws in a financial story and tracing missing assets or diverted income.

Finding missing assets and income is a daunting task requiring tenacity and determination in the face of what can be incredible opposition on the part of the spouse who does not want to be forced to reveal what has been hidden. At times, that task requires strong advocacy in the face of abusive litigation tactics. I am that strong advocate. In fact, my perseverance was recognized by the Connecticut Supreme Court in a decision regarding the “egregious litigation misconduct” of a party during the discovery process. I use that same diligence on behalf of all my clients who are ending a marriage. I advocate tirelessly for a fair asset distribution arrangement.

Talk With Me About Financial Disclosure

At the Law Office of Susan A. Moch in Westport, I am ready to stand up with you to ensure that you have a chance at a fair divorce arrangement. Reach out to me to discuss your situation in detail and to learn about your options. Schedule an initial consultation by calling 203-424-0950 or by sending me an email.